Friday, January 4, 2008

Alton Brown set for three more years on Food Network

YEAH!!!! There is much celebrating at the Table today. Alton Brown, one of the only Food Network personalities we can stand here, has just signed on for another three years!

More can be found here: Alton Brown

There is also word flying around about a show he is going to do in the style of Feasting On Asphalt which will be aptly named "Feasting on Waves". Where he will focus on seafood delights.

Alton will also continue to host Iron Chef America in addition to Good Eats.

So, Alton if you are listening, we have an open post invitation for an interview with you! Come in for a coffee at the Table!

What Food Network personalities do you love? Which ones do you hate? (Be nice!!!) Let us know in the comments!


Julie said...

I love Alton! He's the reason I ever extended my cable subscription, and I missed him the most when I canceled it. As for against, I'm easily irritated by Rachel Ray, but mostly because I never feel like her personality (especially her laugh) is genuine. I do, however, feel bad for people who attack any of the FN personalities' cooking abilities. I think they've all got some sort of cooking talent going for them.

slush said...

Alton is by far our favorite on FN. My husband and I both adore Good Eats. And Feasting on Asphalt kicked ass too. Glad to hear hes sticking around. I also love Paula. Shes so down homey.

As for dislikes, Sandra Lee tops the list. Between cocktail time and the f'n tablescapes... Id rather stick a pin in my eye than watch her. Rounding out the group is Ellie and Robin. I dont care for either of them.

Peabody said...

I know. They actually kept on of the people who cook! I was afraid with all of the exiting of Emeril and Mario that Alton would be going too.

Lewis said...

Alton is BY FAR my favorite. I wasn't so much afraid that he wouldn't re-sign a contract with Food Network because of his work with Iron Chef America. What I was afraid of was that they were going to cancel Good Eats. IMHO this is the best show ever produced for food and cooking.
Peabody - I agree, I was afraid they were going to take all those personalities (I will be nice and generalize) that they have over saturated the market with and just do more of the same. Looks like they have at least one smart Exec up there.

FYI to all, Mario Batali is alive and well on the Fine Living Network. I don't see his show going away any time soon. He has become too big (figuratively).

Val Anne said...

In its earlier days, Food Network was for foodies and even chefs.
Now, well, it's more entertainment and personality oriented, much to my disappointment.
Alton is my favorite one there, bar none. He knows his stuff, plus he's funny. And the way he looks, it like he's the mad scientist of food.

Jacques Torres used to have a really good chocolate show on there, but it's gone now. I wish there were more shows about baking and pastry, that truly DEAL with baking and pastry. "Ace of Cakes" doesn't count. I do like Duff though.....funny and easygoing....a guy I'd like to work for.

My fav food personality ever? Bourdain. If you've ever read "Kitchen Confidential", you KNOW he did the time in the trenches. He's my hardcore chef hero. He has nothing good to say about Food Network, and I can see why.....

I mean, c'mon.....Paula Deen? Sandra Lee? Rachael Ray? Talk about "dumbing down" cuisine. Yech!

DaviMack said...

Alton's the only one left there, I think, who's worth anything. Of course, we're not in a position to really know any more, being in the UK, but he was about it before we left the US.

I hope he gets some decent surfing lessons before he fasts on the waves - I mean, he broke his shoulder on the Asphalt one ... what might he do this time?

DaviMack said...

Feasts. I meant feasts.

Of course, it could have been my subconscious, begging him not to eat some of the things that he does which are so frightening it's not funny.

They canceled the 'Bam' guy, though, so that's a nice thought. :)

Watch Woman said...

I like Alton.
Niggela Lawson is my 1st favorite.
Bare foot Contessa my 2nd.


Cyndi said...

Alton is hands down my favorite FN personality. I've always loved Good Eats because I love to learn about the science behind cooking/baking. I loved Feasting on Asphalt and can't wait for the next installment.

I've watched FN practically since it went on the air. The shows used to be a lot less "slick" but I still enjoyed the content and watching "real chefs". Like others, I'm not as impressed with some of the "talent" they have on these days. Although, I don't necessarily care if the show is hosted by an actual chef.

Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten) is a show I like to watch. I usually have great success with her recipes.

I love Mario and Italian cooking. I always learn a lot from his shows. I'll be looking for him on Fine Living.

I do enjoy Paual Deen, I must admit. (Just not fond of Paula's Party) I'm from the South originally and she makes some of the comfort food I grew up with.

Diners, Drive-In's and Dives has even started to grow on me. I'm not a big Guy F. fan, but I do enjoy watching the owner/operators of these little places describe the history of their establishments as well as their unique menu items.

Rachel Ray does tend to be on the annoying side. I don't dislike her. I just think she overdoes the enthusiasm. It just doesn't come across as genuine. Although I like $40 a Day and Tastey Travels.

Sandra Lee? I don't know. Something really bugs me about the fact that her set is always coordinated with her wardrobe? Is it just me or do others find that creepy? Her tablescapes are beautiful but...I have to be honest. I'm never going to attempt to do any of it!

Robin & Nigella...haven't gotten into their shows either.


Lewis said...

You guys are hitting the nail on the head! I think Cyndi's view point on Rachel Ray is dead on. She simply comes of as being a big fake or not being genuine.
We will see now everything pans out for the FN. I noticed on the latest episode of Good Eats that AB was marketing the FN website almost every commercial break. Instead of tidbits about the feature ingredient he was plugging the website and recipes found there. I realize they have to make money but one has to wonder how this is going to effect the show.
Ina has a new set. They built it in a barn behind her regular house. It took me a little bit to get into her show but now I love it. She seems simple and most of everything can be made ahead of time which is good.

The new Chefography series is cool, except for the fact that most of the FN 'Stars' aren't Chefs. (oops) But I am a HUGE fan of the Bibliography channel so I enjoy these shows.

I know I am not the only one anxious to see how all this works out.

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Huge Company said...

I may get skewered for this, but Bobby Flay (specifically "Throwdown") is my favorite on FN. To go head to head with the best cooks of a given food and consistently win is pretty impressive. Granted, these folks usually are not chefs, but we've never tried one of his recipes that we didn't like. The dude can flat out cook.

Lewis said...

See now see I hear people say that about 'Throwdown' too but I personally think this is a pretty arrogant thing to do. Now, I'm not saying that he does this intentionally but how would you feel if you had spent your entire life or at least a good chunk of it building a business and specializing in a certain item only to have some Food Network guy come along and beat you at it. I don't know about you but it seems kind of mean.


Lewis said...

I just watched my first episode of Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee and now I see what everyone means. She didn't make a single thing! It all was either out of a can or a box. Hmmm, maybe it's for super busy people who aren't working at 3:00 in the afternoon... I don't know.
But I can see why people would have a problem with this.

bothenook said...

Lewis, imagine Alton Brown in the crews mess, holding All Hands training on the proper way to don an OBA
bet nobody would be snoozing.

Lewis said...

So true!

Citigirl said...

Alton Brown is the bomb!! He is my go to source on any technical recipe. Roasting a turkey, biscuits, pizza dough....whatever it is, I know Alton's recipe will be great! He is fun to watch and I like the science explanation behind his methods. Dontcha think he looks like that guy from the Blinded Me With Science video from the 80's? ...Thomas Dolby, I think.

Anonymous said...

I love to watch Good Eats. The best and most imformative show has to have been Taste with David Rosengarten. I wish he could be persuaded to come back to FN.