Sunday, January 13, 2008

Introducing the Blogroll at TableBread

So you may have noticed that I have added a blogroll to the right side of the page. This brings a couple of questions to mind. I will try to answer them here:
  • Who makes it on your list Lewis?
    • Blogs or sites that are food related that have great step-by-step directions. I believe in focusing on technique and recipe for the benefit of learning. If all your site has is a bunch of photos from the $3,000 camera you got for Christmas, well that might make for good reading and viewing but not learning and I want to re-enforce learning.
  • How do I get on? or I thought we were friends! Where is my name at?
    • I am still building my list and it grows and shrinks all the time! If you don't see your name or if I haven't discovered your blog just drop by and leave a comment with a link to your blog and we'll talk :)
  • What if I am not a food blog?
    • I have SEVERAL interests! I have created a 'non-foodie' blogroll as well. Just drop by with a comment and I'll check you out!
And remember, we always need some love at the Table as well :) and I appreciate any blogrolls I am currently listed on.

So stop by and say HI!!!!


Jeena said...

Hi Lewis I have added your link to my blog. You have some lovely recipes on your blog I love the choux pastry.

Thanks for stopping by Jeena's Kitchen. :-)

breadchick said...

Hey Lewis, you are on my blogroll as well. We always love to see you over at The Sour Dough!

roopa said...

Hi Lewis! I just discovered your blog today and I love that you are devoted to the method and not just pretty photos. Also, I LOVE Alton so I look forward to more of your posts on him and the recipes of his that you have made! Oh, and I'm adding you to my blogroll on my site. :)

Baking History said...

Hi Lewis,
I just added you to my blog roll. Thanks for adding my link to Table Bread!

ella said...

Hi..thanks for stopping by and for adding me! I'm deighted to repay the favor and look forward to more wonderful baking here.

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Hi Lewis...I am honoured to be 'In your kitchen' & part of your blogroll. Glad there's this huge bunch of us that LOVE baking. Am adding you to my the way you walk & talk through your posts.
PS Thanks for stopping by my blog & for the inspiring words on the Chocolate Strawberry cake! :0)

Gold For RS said...

I really like that you are dedicated to the technique and not just fairly images. Also, I LOVE Alton so I look ahead to more of your content on him buying rs gold