Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blog of the Day Award

WOW! I am having quite a month! First, Bumblevee over at Tea and Scones awards me with The Daily Dose award because she likes to visit my blog daily. Then I got news I was moving to Italy where I am sure I will expand my culinary repertoire. THEN I get the news that I was voted Blog of the Day by the folks over at Blog of the Day (BOTD)!

Thank you all so much for making me feel so welcomed here in the blogosphere. Again, I only hope that I make you all feel as great about your food and blogs as you make me feel about mine.


slush said...

WOW and Wow! My husband went to Italy for 4 weeks 2 years ago, and he looooved it. I was so jealous I did not get to go with him. I am so interested in the culture there. I will be looking forward to the adventures you share with us!

And congrats on your award, how totally cool is that??? Love your blog, you so deserve it. :)

BumbleVee said...

hey! I am impressed Lewis. Blog of the Day... wow.... good for you.

I have never been to Italy... can't even imagine getting to live there.

Guess what? I baked bread today for the first time. I am sure I must have made it one time in my distant past..but if so I can't remember doing it. A few years ago I used to make some in my bread maker once in a while. But... you spurred me on to give it a try. and..it is perfect. I wanted to get the pics on my blog for tonight..but my eyes are too tired...I am off to bed. Tomorrow... check out my beautiful loaves.

Archana said...

Congratulations! Well done and keep the great work going

Cakespy said...

Nice! Congratulations! Carbohydrates WIN!

Julie said...

Hooray, congratulations here, too! You and Table Bread certainly deserve it. =)

Tablebread said...

slush - I am excited too!!!!

bumblevee - I'm so glad you jumped into baking bread! It can be one of the most rewarding things you do in the kitchen. It really impresses people too :)

archana - Thanks!

cakespy - Yes they do!!!

julie - Thanks (and by the way Tablebread is my alter ego - or is it the other way around?)

Cakespy said...

Oh, and I did register it but neglected to comment: Italy!? Holy @#$&! I am -- to say it fancy and Frenchie -- le green with envy?

Tablebread said...

Cakespy - :) I will post more about the whole affair later. As you can all imagine I am currently swamped in paperwork.

Stef said...

Congrats!! Way to go on your award! That's exciting.