Friday, February 22, 2008

Paying up on the Pay It Forward

If you will recall back in December I had a Pay It Forward post. I asked for three comments and got two (HEY! I was just starting out give me a break!). I called that a win because they will pay it forward to some one else and keep the good spirit going!

So Bumblevee of Teas and Scones and Julie of One Wall Kitchen contact me with your mailing info so I can kick off a season of bread love and culinary caring :)

(tablebread {at} gmail {dot} com)

I won't tell you what it is (of course it has to do with bread) but I will say this:

Borders guy - you were cool would have loved to stay and talk but I was in a hurry. So if you did manage to remember the name of my blog and stopped in to see what all this was about be sure to say hi in the comments.


Alex said...

MMMMMMM I want some too!!

Tablebread said...

Alex - sorry but the drawing is closed ;) but I love encouraging people to bake (especially bread) so stick around you never know when I may just 'bread it forward' again ;)

Red Icculus said...

Hey TB,

I love contests. I might have one of my own soon.

Keep us updated!


Tablebread said...

Red - well you may have misunderstood. It was really more of a give away than a contest but if you do have a contest COUNT ME IN!