Sunday, February 3, 2008

A moment with Dr. Seuss...

So my job has kept me out of the kitchen for over a week now and it's driving me crazy! Despite not being able to cook I always try to make time for my family. Tonight I was reading a bed time story to my two wonderful little princesses when we came across this page in Dr. Seuss's One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish:

We took a look.
We saw a Nook.
On his head
he had a hook.
On his hook
he had a book.
On his book
was "How to Cook."

We saw him sit
and try to cook.
He took a look
at the book on the hook.

But a Nook can't read,
so a Nook can't cook.
what good to a Nook is hook cook book?

~Dr. Seuss's One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

About the time I got these two pages out of my mouth my 3 year old shot up out of bed and said, "Like Daddy's cook books!" and my 5 year old followed directly after with a "Yeah, like all of Daddy's cookbooks! You have a lot of cook books like a Nook Daddy!". Well, what can I say, I blushed and we all giggled. Of course I hope they are referencing the first stanza about a Nook having a book and not the third one where a Nook can't cook :) We love you even more now Dr. Seuss :)

Kids do say the funniest things and always when you least expect it. It's always fun to step out of the kitchen and enjoy the life around you.

What funny bedtime stories do you have? Either reading or being read to?


slush said...

One Fish, Two Fish is a hit in this house, too. I just adore story time at night. The boys are giggly and punchy, its great. They say the silliest things then. I am just so glad they love books!

Julie said...

My two best childhood friends and I would read "Scary Stories to Read in the Dark" and "More Scary Stories to Read in the Dark" to each other. We'd read until the sun would start to set and we'd all have to go home from whoever's house we were at. Our houses were sort of triangular from each other, and the two girls who had to walk home would be to scared to walk the full way (across the street) by themselves, so the three of us would walk to the middle of the street between all three of our houses, then start slowly walking backward toward our own houses. Usually, one girl would scream and point behind another girl, and we'd all freak out and run back to the middle. It would take half an hour just to get home!

breadchick said...

I don't have any bedtime stories because the cat doesn't listen very well :-( but he is addicted to these cat treats he expects every night before I turn the light out.

I just wanted to tell you your story was a bright spot for my morning today.

Tablebread said...

slush - I am glad mine love books too! I think that is a concern of every parent who likes to read. The fear they won't pass it on.

julie - I can see where it would take you forever to finally get home :) Sounds like a fun time though - no matter how scary!

breadchick - I'm glad our little bedtime story brightened your morning :)

roopa said...

My mom and I were just talking about this the other day. I LOVED this one book by Sesame Workshop called "I'm My Mommy, I'm My Daddy" - it was a double book thingie so that when you looked at it one way, it was the I'm My Mommy story, and when you turned it over and upside down, it was the I'm My Daddy story. The first was the story of a little girl who takes her mom to the zoo and they switch roles, and the other is of a little boy who goes out into the woods or something with his dad and they switch roles, and how the kids learn to behave like adults when their parents cry about not getting ice cream or losing their balloon or scraping their knees and other kid stuff.

According to my mom, she read the book to me for a week...and apparently shortly thereafter, I insisted that I read the book to HER every night at bedtime for like 3 months straight. Ha!

lindsay said...

i adored anything robert munsch as a kid. i still love them!

anyway, i just stumbled upon your comment from.. ooh, way back - and i just wanted to thank you for dropping by! hopefully i'll be updating soon (yes, student living has left me rather lazy and blogging as a low priority).

(and i love dr. seuss. there was a girl walking around on campus on halloween in a red sweater and a big "1" across the front. sadly there were few people who got the reference)



Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Love Dr Seuss...the kids have grown & may well start reading bedtime tales to me now!! HA HA!!Their bedtime tales are now scary stories & thankfully a lot of Roald Dahl. Matilda & The Twits have become dog eared from far too much reading!

Anonymous said...

I actually feel the last line should be "cook book hook", but I am not the revered genius here, am I?